Know Your Staff

Olga Patino, Housekeeping

By Rita Hintz #1604
Published April 12, 2021 in The Tower News
On any given day as you walk through CRTN, you will probably see Olga Patino hard at work keeping the building clean. But she is never too busy to greet you with a smile and a cheery “Good Morning!”. Olga has been employed at CRTN longer than any of our other employees. This past January she reached the 24 year milestone as a member of our CRTN housekeeping staff!
Olga was born in Colombia into a family of 9 children, 5 girls and 4 boys. She came to the United States at the age of 23. When she first came to the United States, she lived in New Jersey, where her cousin and brother already lived. Her sister came with her parents 8 years later, but New Jersey was too cold for them, so they moved to Florida, and Olga came with them.
When her cousin in New Jersey was injured in an accident, she went back there to help care for him as he recovered. When her sister was injured in a serious accident here in Florida, she came back here to help care for her, and this time she stayed! Olga lives with her parents and shares the responsibility of caring for them with her siblings. They must be doing a good job. Her mother is 89, and her father turns 100 in April!
John, Olga’s brother, also works at CRTN. When asked how she likes working with her brother, she said, “I love it! He’s quiet and does what he has to do, and I do my job.” She also said that she gets along with everybody on the staff. Her favorite part of the job is that the people here are so nice, always happy, and she feels comfortable here. The hardest part of the job is saying goodbye to the people who have moved or passed away.
When not working, Olga’s favorite thing to do is to spend time with her family. Her sister lives near the beach, and on Saturdays the family goes to church and then gets together with the family at the beach. Since Olga does not like to cook, she helps with the clean up at these gatherings, which can number from 15 for immediate family to 40 for extended family! Since the Coronavirus outbreak, these large family gatherings have been curtailed, especially to protect her parents. Olga hopes they will be able to gather again soon!
Thank you Olga, for being part of the CRTN family for so long and for caring for our home!