Tropical Storm Eta Update - Posted November 8, 11:30 AM

Note from Manager:
The winds have picked up this morning as predicted by weather officials.  We can expect sustained winds from 25 - 40 mph this afternoon, increasing tonight, when according to meteorologists, we will get gusts exceeding 65 mph.  They are projecting Eta may become a Cat 1 hurricane as it travels through the Gulf where the water is much warmer.  
We have done everything we can to properly secure CRTN.  Now it's up to Mother Nature.  I recommend that we all charge our cell phones, replace batteries in flash lights and make sure all incidentals are in order.  I do not anticipate a power outage, but you never know.  Though this is not a major event, it is certainly better to be prepared.  
The CRTN staff, tentatively, will not return to work until, at the earliest, tomorrow noon.  The gym may be closed, as there is no one available to sanitize the equipment.  I ask for your cooperation, as I know how much the gym means to everyone.  Again, since we have no telephone service in the office, my cell is available to all - 561.612.9993.  
Sam Beida

Tropical Storm Eta - Posted November 7 - 11:50 AM

This message is from Sam Beida, Manager to CRTN Residents. 
Currently the tropical storm, Eta, is in the Gulf of Mexico and strengthening.  A tropical storm watch is in effect from the Florida Keys up to Vero Beach with sustained winds from 25-35 mph and gusts up to 65 mph predicted.  The Weather Channel is predicting the high winds will be accompanied by 5 to 8 inches of rain.  
I am asking residents to take preemptive measures to secure their balconies and remove all items that may be blown off.  The rain will be wind blown, which may cause unusual water intrusion through windows and balcony doors.  This is a possibility as the wind may cause water to travel up under pressure causing leaks.  Therefore, I am asking all residents to have extra towels ready to place in these areas to control any areas of water intrusion.  Again, in an effort to be preemptive, the pool deck will be secured at the end of the day until the all clear is given, possibly Monday.  Should anyone need me, my cell number is 561.612.9993.  I thank everyone for their understanding and cooperation.  

Telephone and Internet Outage Update and Weather Event - November 6 - 12:30 PM

Building Manager, Sam Beida, met this morning with Coral Ridge Towers South building manager and board of directors chairman (CRTS is also experiencing this outage). It is their understanding, having heard from  ATT, that the outage is the result of damage done to a fiber optic cable during construction work at Oakland Park and Bayview and that it could take from 1 to 2 WEEKS to repair.  
Sam is also watching the tropical depression, Eta, that appears to be heading our way.  Please monitor the weather and take appropriate steps to secure your balcony.  The CRTN team will be removing furniture from the pool deck as of Saturday afternoon to prepare for the wind and heavy rains projected Saturday night continuing into Monday, as reported by the Weather Channel.  All precautions are being taken.
If you need to call management, do not hesitate to call Sam on his cell phone (561-612-9993) 24/7. We will keep you updated as we get new information.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

Special Meeting Materials Available on CRTN Website - Posted 10/30/2020

You may view Special Meeting Materials, including the partially funded reserve option and the fully funded reserve option for the 2021 Budget, in the Owners section of the website.  Click on Owners on the Navigation Bar above the photo to view the documents and to vote on whether you would like the Association to partially fund or fully fund the reserves for the 2021 budget.  

City of Fort Lauderdale to Chlorinate Water System - Posted 10/15

Water Treatment scheduled for October 16- November 6, 2020
The City of Fort Lauderdale will temporarily switch to using free chlorine in its drinking water system beginning at 9 AM on Friday, October 16, 2020 and will end at 9 AM Friday, November 6, 2020.
Free Chlorination is a common preventative maintenance procedure for water systems using chloramines for disinfection.  The city expects the chlorination period to be transparent to our neighbors; however, some may notice a slight change in the taste or smell of their tap water.  In addition, neighbors may see fire hydrants running in their neighborhoods, which is part of the normal maintenance process.
The City of Fort Lauderdale maintains the highest standards to ensure that clean, high quality drinking water is delivered to our neighbors.  The City's water meets federal, state, and local primary drinking water standards.
For more information, please contact the 24-hour Customer Service Center at (954) 828-8000, online at, or via LauderServ, the City's mobile app.  

Analysis of Website Use - Posted 10/13

Hey CRTN website users. Here are some facts and figures regarding our website in September 2020:

1) We had 588 Active Users, over 1,300 sessions and the average session length was 5 minutes and 13 seconds.

2) Desktop and Laptop users were 59% of users, Cellphones were 33% and Tablet users were 8% of the total.

3) The following areas were accessed the most:

Home Page visits       2,370
Announcements            477
Login Page                   445
What’s New                  371
Owners Heading           333
Questionnaires             252
Newsletter                   184

Thank you all for your continued support in using the website as your source of information about CRTN. Keep your comments and suggestions coming about improvements or areas you’d like to see covered on the website. Happy surfing!