COVID-19 Update - May 25, 2021

The CRTN Board of Directors passed the following motion at their May 25, 2021 meeting:
The Centers for Disease Control and the state of Florida have lifted all mask mandates for individuals who have been fully vaccinated. The CDC continues to advise unvaccinated individuals to wear a mask and they are strongly encouraged to get the COVID vaccine for their safety and the safety of others. Certainly, vaccinated shareholders who still feel uncomfortable about not wearing a mask should continue to do so. As the CDC stated, it’s now up to individuals to take personal responsibility for their own health.
Therefore, I move that in accordance with the CDC and the state of Florida that CRTN eliminate its COVID 19 guidelines, including the mask mandate in all inside and outside common areas for fully vaccinated shareholders.  All COVID 19 guidelines will be immediately reimposed if the CDC and/or the state of Florida declares another Covid emergency.  
The BOD thanks and congratulates the Covid-19 Committee for their outstanding contributions and dedication. The BOD encourages the Board President to disband the Covid-19 Committee as the virulence of the pandemic has lessened dramatically. That Committee’s responsibilities and duties will now return to the Board President, Vice President and CRTN’s General Manager for their handling and implementation.

May 25 CRTN Board of Directors Meeting Recording - COVID-19 Decision Only

The CRTN Board of Directors met on May 25, 2021 at 3:00 PM to discuss COVID-19 rules.  The meeting lasted 22 minutes and had 51 participants.  Click here for a recording of the meeting.  The recording will be available for about 10 days.

Emergency Information Update

  • It is important that the CRTN office has a current emergency contact number for all residents. Please update with the office any information that has changed. 
  • You may also update your personal profile on the website. For example: a new car, new phone number, key holder, have a bicycle, etc.

Notify the CRTN Office When You Leave

It is imperative that you notify Jean in the management office when you leave CRTN for an extended absence.  For security and safety reasons, it is necessary to know which owners are in residence at any one time.  Notification is also necessary when you return.
Click on Important Information for a "to do check list" when you are closing up a unit for an extended period of time.  

CRTN Survey Results - April 2021

TOP ISSUES - compiled by Board President, Larry Schwarz
  1. Fire Panel -  We are still being stalled by our current insurance carrier on the fire panel. This is a subject that is discussed daily. We have taken every recourse we can to get an answer.  I am as frustrated as the rest of the shareholders. We are diligently working on this matter.
  2. Elevators – Again this is foremost on our minds. However, until a new fire panel is up and operational, we cannot correct the issues. We are in the process of changing our service contractor.  We were locked into a horrible contract that Mr. Beida is in the process of changing.
  3. Community Room – Once the above matters are taken care of this will be a board priority.
  • 3 to 5 year planning committees 1) buildings and grounds 2) Finance 3) Landscape.  All three committees have met with Mr. Beida and will have a report for the April 27, 2021 Board Meeting. 
  • Pickle Ball, Bocce Ball, improve Pool Deck.  These requests will be referred to the 3-5 year planning committees. (Committee members -  this is your referral).
  • Pest control, hallway walls, noise, lighting outage, etc. These complaints should all be referred to the managers office.
  • Covid 19 -  The pool guard has resigned and will not be replaced.  Sanitation Supplies will be left in the pool area for your convenience. 
  • Currently, approximately 245 shareholders have been vaccinated. 


Please do not throw large items - boxes, big bags, etc. down the trash chutes.  Especially not the East side, since they seem to constantly back the chute.  Thank you!  CRTN Management.